7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

If there’s one thing we have a deep appreciation for in life, it’s beauty hacks. New to hacks? OMG they’re going to change your life! Hacks are simple (yet genius) things you can tweak or change or use that will simply make your life easier. Here are some of our favorite hacks:

  1. Easter Eggs as Beauty Blender Holders: Your beauty blender is full of foundation, concealer, powders, liquid blush, and on and on…the point is…it’s dirty! Throwing your beauty blender directly into your makeup bag can result in a dirty makeup bag, and if you’re like me, that would drive you crazy. Good news is we found a super simple hack to save the day, put your beauty blender in an Easter Egg for storage! So easy, so genius, so inexpensive. You’re welcome!
  2. Advil on Your Pimples: This is a super easy solution for that pimple that decided to pop up overnight–use liquid Advil, break open the capsule and apply the gel directly on your pimple. Advil is an anti-inflammatory so it’ll immediately reduce the swelling and redness.
  3. Brow Gel to Cover Up Roots: Don’t have time to head to the salon? Use brow gel to cover up your roots! Check out the video below for directions on how to do it-it really works!
  4. Using a Wooden Pencil to Curl Your Hair: This is a fun trick-if you don’t have a curling iron handy, you can roll your hair around a wooden pencil and go over it with a straightening iron to get some fun curls.
  5. Scotch Tape for Cat Eyeliner: Getting your cat eyeliners to match is a skill that’s so advanced, it should be allowed on your resume. We found the best hack to get your eyeliner on point! Check out the video below for details on it.
  6. Plastic Spoon for Eye Shadow: Yup, that’s right! You can use a plastic spoon to guide you on how to get that perfect crease.
  7. Plastic Fork for Nose Contour: I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve┬ácontoured my nose wrong. We found the solution to getting that perfect nose contour down.

Check out the video below for more!


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