Welcome to Modamob! A place where a MOB of beauty and fashion (MODA) lovers unite.

We’re Nora and Ani, the founders of Modamob. We became best friends when we were 15 years old and quickly realized that we shared a love of beauty, fashion, and travel. After finishing college we successfully ventured into our own business, a digital media company. Ten years after starting our company we decided to leave our day jobs and pursue Modamob full time. You know what they say, find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! That’s our life motto—do what you love and it’ll never feel like work.

We love sharing great new finds, makeup tutorials and fashion trends with our friends, so why not share it with our loyal Modamobers? We’re always in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, which is why we started doing DIY’s, its a great way to make your own products without using harsh chemicals. 

In October 2016, Ani became a mommy to baby Sebastian and we’re newly entering Mommy land and love sharing our wisdom, new discoveries and trails and errors.

Check out our YouTube page for beauty, fashion, travel and our blogs, our Facebook page for all things Mommy and our Instagram for our fashion inspo! Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Ani Esmailian Yemenidjian

Ani is happily married and lives in Los Angeles with her husband Patrick, son Sebastian and their fur baby Whiskey, a French Bulldog. How does she love to pass the time? Before Sebastian came along her answer would be, 'she loves to nap," but post-baby she enjoys spending all her free time with Sebastian, helping him build rocket ship centers (he decided after we built it that he was over it), legos and lots of peek-a-boos. Her adult version of 'how I love to pass the time' includes traveling with Patrick, shopping, cooking and boxing. Ani and Nora started working on their skincare line NORANI in 2017, which has been a huge passion project for both of them, so if you see her roaming the aisles of Sephora or Whole Foods and trying on other brands moisturizers and face oils, make sure to stop by to say hi. 

Nora Mansour

Nora is one of those rare LA natives who was actually born and raised in Hollywood. Her and her husband Jonathon are parents to the world’s sassiest Pomeranian Rari. She was named after the car Ferrari (Jonathon’s favorite car), and no joke, she’s as fast as one, you should see her dart across the room. Nora, Jonathon and Rari are all anxiously waiting for the arrival of Nora’s first baby, a baby girl, who is due on Christmas Day 2017. Nora and her husband love spending time traveling (you won’t believe how many times she’s been to Mykonos), cooking, shopping, and Sunday brunching. On any given Sunday you’ll find her window shopping in Beverly Hills tirelessly trying to convince Jonathon to buy her ANOTHER pair of sunglasses. She gets super excited when she meets Modamob fans so make sure you say hi to her if you run into her as well.