How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

Getting a gel manicure can be such a lifesaver-it lasts you a few weeks, it looks better than a regular manicure and you don’t risk ruining the polish 3 seconds after you walk out of the salon. But removing it is a whole other issue.

I’m a nitpicker. If one small part of the corner of my nails chips off I’m going to pick at the polish until I basically tear it off. Yes, I know it’s a bad habit. Yes, I know it’s terrible for my nails. No, I can’t help it. We’ve all been there, right? And of course two of ten of the polishes come off easily and the rest are on there like cement. So how do you remove your gel polish at home without ruining your nails? It’s pretty simple-just do what they do at the nail salon.

Getting your gel removed at the salon usually costs anywhere from $5-10, but you can save those extra bucks by following our instructions below:


1. A few pieces of foil. We took a large piece and cut it up into small squares.

2. Acetone nail polish remover

3. Cotton balls

4. Nail filer

5. Cuticle pusher


File your nails down with a nail filer until they’re no longer shiny. Pour a generous amount of nail polish remover onto a piece of the cotton ball and apply it to your nails. Use the small piece of foil you cut up to wrap the cotton ball into place on top of your nail. Let your nails soak for approx 10 minutes and then use a wooden or metal cuticle pusher to remove the polish. ┬áCheck out the video below on detailed instructions.


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