Pregnancy Essentials- Must Haves While Pregnant

Finding out your pregnant is probably one of the most joyous days of your life, but then you enter the land of the unknown. You have a million questions on your mind but you feel bad bombarding your doc with silly questions like can you swim in a pool, are you allowed to dye your hair, can you get gel nail polish. The first thing we can start by saying is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Chances are all pregnant momma to be’s feel the same way.

We’ve come up with a list of our top pregnancy essentials. Hope you find it helpful and don’t forget if you have additional questions always feel free to ask us.

1)WATER: This may sound like common sense, but you don’t realize how much water your body needs until you get pregnant. Any time you start feeling some cramping or you start slowing down chances are you haven’t had enough water for the day. As my doctor says, drink two glasses of water immediately and put your feet up for a bit and you will feel better.

2)BELLY OIL: Who wants stretch marks? Umm, obviously NONE of us! So make sure you start using the belly oils and creams after your first trimester. Some of our favorites are the Clarins tonic body oil, the Bio Oil and the Mama Mio Belly Oil. You should use it daytime and nighttime and chances are it will help with avoiding stretch marks.

3)SNEAKERS: You might think, oh my feet are swollen let me wear sandals to be comfy but that’s the worst thing you can do because it actually will swell up your feet even more and you run the risk of your shoe size getting bigger after you give birth. Make sure you load up on sneakers as it helps avoid swelling which in turn doesn’t increase your shoe size after pregnancy.

4)FRIEND WHO’S BEEN THERE: Like I mentioned above, once you get pregnant you enter the land of the unknown. Having a friend who’s been there will make your life so much easier because you can text them all your silly questions and not wait for your doctor to call you back end of day to let you know that you can or can’t get a manicure. If you don’t have friends who have been there, online mommy groups are super helpful as well.

5)BELLY BAND: As your belly starts growing you feel some weird things in the belly area. After all there’s a baby in there. The belly band helps you feel like everything is not all over the place and helps keep your belly from cramping at times.

6)MATERNITY TIGHTS: Most of the time you can get away with not buying maternity clothes and just buying a few sizes up, but if you are gonna invest in one thing it’s the black maternity tights. They will save your life as your belly starts growing and you wanna feel more comfortable. We’re big fans of the super comfy Pea In The Pod ones.

7)PREGGIE POP DROPS: Most women who get pregnant start getting nauseous and one thing that saved both of us during our pregnancies is the Preggie Pop Drops. They are basically sugar candies but all natural and won’t cause any harm to the baby. They help instantaneously so if you’re over feeling nauseous 24/7 in the first trimester we highly recommend these.

8)PREGNANCY APPS: There are several apps you can download to help you understand your changing body in the next 9 months. What we love about the apps is that it also tells you the developmental phase of the baby weekly so you feel a bond with your growing baby as she’s growing in your belly. Some of our favorites are The Bump and What to Expect.

9)PREGNANCY PILLOW: There’s going to come a point in your pregnancy which is around 24-26 weeks where your doctor tells you to stop sleeping on your back and start sleeping on your sides…preferably your left side. At that point a pregnancy pillow will really come in handy. Both of us hated the C shaped pregnancy pillows and are really big fans of the U-Shaped ones because you get to change sides without having to turn the entire pillow. As your belly gets bigger that’s a really big deal because turning becomes super hard and the last thing you wanna do is to turn a pillow when you can barely turn yourself.

You can watch the video we made below to see the specific items WE LOVE!


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